Meet the Team

Michelle Reeves

Co-founder & CEO
Brisbane, Australia

“NFTs are life changing. For our designers, NFTs turn their “small business” into lifelong livelihoods, and for our NFT holders, fashion in their closet can activate as an investment that drives ongoing revenue.”

Andrea Siegel

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer
Santa Barbara, California

"I am excited by how NFTs are democratizing art and fashion by allowing anyone to express themselves, find their voice and even reach a new audience and community through these emerging marketplaces."

Da Young Kim

Artist & Art Director
Portland, Oregon

The NFTs features 200+ hand drawn features by Da Young Kim, an international illustrator, fashion designer and artist.

Da Young has her own fashion label and was a former designer on Project Runway. She was born in Seoul, Korea, grew up in India, and studied at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco.

Amada Reyes

Special Projects Manager
Los Angeles, California

"I'm proud to be part of a community that's rooted in women empowerment. Web3 is transforming lives and we get to build a space that's welcoming and inclusive while showcasing the work of amazing independent designers across the globe."

Riley Blackwell

Community Lead
North Carolina

"I have spent many years dreaming of one day being a designer and have spent countless years thinking of ways to incorporte my love for tech, fashion and people. I am excited to bring more fun, strategic vision, opportunities for deep community connection and fashion-y goodness to the MAVION community and all of Web3." @rileybeans_eth