MAVION bridges the physical and digital worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.



Ten one of one digital handbags exclusively available on DressX.


Proceeds support WIN (Women in Need) a non-profit organization that uses art & technology to help women and girls in war-torn countries.



Exclusive benefits: Limited edition physical accessory of the accessory featured in NFT.

Rewards from commercial collaboration where NFT traits are featured.

First access to ICON drops and collabs.

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Rebecca Minkoff x MAVION NFT Collection

A first of its kind fashion collaboration in Web3.

Rebecca Minkoff and MAVION grant NFT holders exclusive access to limited edition physical items, digital and experiential benefits.

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Are you ready to be a MAVION?

Next generation community for next generation benefits in fashion, beauty and lifestyle

IRL Fashion

Every NFT comes with the physical limited edition, fashion accessory featured in the artwork.

Curated Brands

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Global Community

MAVIONs receive rewards when traits from the NFTs are featured in partnerships and collaborations

Building the Future, Today.

MAVION bridges the physical and digital worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle breathing new life into the relationship consumers have with their favorite brands.

Powered by blockchain innovation, our curated approach delivers engaging, gold-standard collaborations with premium brand partners around the world.

MAVION builds and executes custom, exclusive Web3 strategies that include: digital collectibles, wearables, NFT drops, and AR/VR experiences.

The First 365 Days


Physical Fashion

Every MAVION Genesis NFT has the opportunity to claim the physical accessory featured in the artwork. One physical accessory per NFT artwork can be claimed and shipped to the holder. View the calendar of accessories to claim HERE

Minting Partner

Minting Partner
Davis, CA

"We’re thrilled to be a part of this iconic drop. The way the MAVION team is bridging the gap between the traditional world of fashion & accessories and the new web 3.0 world while empowering creators is revolutionary. We couldn’t be more excited!"

Meet the Artist
Da Young Kim

The NFTs features 200+ hand drawn features by Da Young Kim, an international illustrator, fashion designer and artist.

Da Young has her own fashion label and was a former designer on Project Runway. She was born in Seoul, Korea, grew up in India, and studied at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. Da Young is a highly awarded artist who has worked across the world and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Meet the rest of the MAVION Team


You can mint a MAVION NFT on mint day by clicking over to dropspace who are our minting partners for the drop.

The collection will be available for mint here:

Learn more about the MAVION Team here.

Discover hidden fashion and uplift independent artisans and designers around the world.

Protect and highlight the creative ideas of independent designers.

Support the arts through fashion and scale fashion without mass production.

MAVION's unique NFT project gives independent designers and artists more support than ever. 

We create lifetime value by putting their beautiful work in front of a global audience. Our NFTs deliver revenue directly to each designer through royalties, in perpetuity.

We exist to solve problems that artisans and independent designers face on a daily basis:

1. Protect their original design ideas so they cannot be illegally copied.

2. Give them access to a global audience of fashion and metaverse consumers, media and more. 

3. Scale scarcity. In web2 it was impossible to scale limited edition fashion without mass production, in web3 we can achieve the impossible. Let's reduce the world's reliance on fashion factories.

100% are women, BIPOC and/or LGBT.

Each NFT includes the product provenance (the origin story) about the accessory and the designer. You’ll know exactly who made it, where and how.

Plus, you can meet some of the designers during our Roadshow in March. More details coming soon.

MAVION NFTs feature 200+ hand drawn features by Dayoung Kim, an international illustrator and fashion designer. Dayoung has her own fashion label and was a former designer on Project Runway. An impressive global journey, professional background and highly awarded artist, she was born in Seoul, Korea, grew up in India, studied at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, interned in Madrid and resides in Portland, Oregon. 

Every feature is meticulously drawn to encompass the global citizen within each of us. We call that global citizen, a MAVION. MAVIONS are supremely confident, open minded and inclusive. They appreciate beauty, style and see art in the world constantly. A MAVION is brave and fearless, unafraid to be ambitious because they see the world with pure optimism.

The fine lines of the MAVION artwork itself are intentionally light and fluid because in there is beauty without borders and innovation without hesitation.

A total of 5,000 MAVION NFTs will be created. 

Every NFT has the opportunity to receive the physical accessory/jewelry featured in the artwork. You can also elect to donate your accessory to Dress for Success.

All NFT holders receive the augmented reality filter to wear across social channels.

All NFT holders will receive a royalty in the event the accessory featured in their NFT is use in a metaverse/gaming/brand collaboration.

All NFT holders receive first access to ICON drops.

100 NFTs are "Royalty Club" NFTs where the owners share in 1% of the royalties from the ongoing sales of MAVION NFTS in perpetuity.

4900 NFTS are "Founding Member" NFTs which receive the benefits listed above.

Please reach out to us at

You can send us a message on instagram @mavionworld

Stay tuned for when Twitter and Discord launch

We are a global team who have worked together for years. We look forward to growing our community with you.

MAVION is a term we created to represent a gender neutral personality of someone who wants to go where no one has gone before. A pioneer of innovation, fashion, social impact and digital discovery.

We blended our favorite words, ideas and foreign languages to create a globally unique word that encapsulates: Magic and Exploration.

Please check out our knowledgebase to help demystify some of the common jargon around web3.