Nidi Earring, Gold
Nidi Earring, Gold
Nidi Earring, Gold

Nidi Earring, Gold

Handmade in Colombia

  • Supports Independent Designers

About the Accessory Designer:

For Paulina Echeverri and Paula Quintero, the two young entrepreneurs of Paulina Echeverri jewelry, the dream of creating their own jewelry came from a desire to see pieces that reflected their own sense of empowerment and uniqueness.  With a belief that every day is an occasion to shine, these two women use gold, silver, and natural stones to marry dimension and depth with a luxury lifestyle look and feel.  Based in Colombia, Paulina and Paula are committed to ethical standards and the use of sustainable materials to add to the the integrity of their slow-made, fine jewelry.

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Each NFT features a limited edition piece of jewelry or accessory inspired by the physical item which is handmade by independent designers around the world. A total of 88 different accessory styles from 16 independent designers across 9 countries have been meticulously hand drawn and randomly sorted throughout the collection of 5,000 NFTs. Some accessories are more rare than others.

All original artwork in these NFTs are by Dayoung Kim, an international fashion designer, illustrator, and former Project Runway designer.

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These earrings are everything. I haven't taken them off.

Mosha L, New York

This necklace is basically the necklace of my dreams. I love it so much.

Ali C, Boston

This bag makes me so happy every time I see it in my closet.

 Lindsay P, San Francisco