Halle Necklace, Silver
Halle Necklace, Silver
Halle Necklace, Silver

Halle Necklace, Silver

Handmade in Chile

  • Supports Independent Designers

Technical Details: 

  • Peruvian jersey cotton
  • Silver plated hardware
  • 7 1/2" Length
  • Clasp closure, adjustable length 


About the Accessory Designer:

Based in the quaint, coastal city of Valparaíso, Chile, independent designer Tatiana Cuneo specializes in exploring the endless possibilities that fabrics have to offer. Whether it's an assortment of braided necklaces or structured neck warmers, her work expands the idea of what fashion jewelry can be.


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Each NFT features a limited edition piece of jewelry or accessory inspired by the physical item which is handmade by independent designers around the world. A total of 88 different accessory styles from 16 independent designers across 9 countries have been meticulously hand drawn and randomly sorted throughout the collection of 5,000 NFTs. Some accessories are more rare than others.

All original artwork in these NFTs are by Dayoung Kim, an international fashion designer, illustrator, and former Project Runway designer.

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These earrings are everything. I haven't taken them off.

Mosha L, New York

This necklace is basically the necklace of my dreams. I love it so much.

Ali C, Boston

This bag makes me so happy every time I see it in my closet.

 Lindsay P, San Francisco